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Listen to artist Jacqueline Hammond on BBC Radio Sussex

by Jacqueline Hammond |

Monday 21st May 2012 Jacqueline Hammond interviewed on BBC Sussex Breakfast Show.

Queens Jubilee Mug by British artist Jacqueline Hammond as discussed on BBC Radio Sussex


" Is an artist from Brighton risking being locked in the tower for treason with her commemorative mug for The Queen's Jubilee? Find out why....."

Skip to 1:27.00 minutes in to the programme



Best quotes from the interview:

"I'm not picking on the monarchy."

"I'm not giving her the finger, she's picking her own nose!"

" But does she fart?"

The item was light hearted and evoked laughter in the studio, thankfully!

The piece under the spotlight was a painting originally titled 'The Queen in a Moment of Privacy' created in 2007

Queens Jubilee Mug by British artist Jacqueline Hammond as discussed on BBC Radio Sussex

Jacqueline Hammond's portrait of The Queen picking her nose - view the painting on www.jacquelinehammond.co.uk or on the Saatchi Gallery website:


The Queen by British artist Jacqueline Hammond

Please email info@jacquelinehammond.co.uk to enquire or make an offer

The painting is currently on public view as part of

Brighton's Artists Open Houses on the Fiveways Trail,

until the last weekend - 26th / 27th May 2012

Anvil Ironworks (Venue listing f18) at 222 Ditchling Rd, Brighton. BN1 6JE

For more information go to http://aoh.org.uk/may-2012-houses?item=473&offset=0

The Queen will then move to West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton, Oxfordshire for a ‘Portraits of The Queen’ exhibition which runs throughout June.

Portraits of the Queen: An Exhibition Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee

“In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, West Ox Arts Gallery is inviting artists from far and wide to submit a portrait of the Queen for exhibition, to be on display throughout the month of June, with prizes to be awarded by public vote in the following categories: Most Creative, Most Ambitious & Most Realistic.” 

Opening Reception (voting begins): Sat 2 June, 2-4pm Awards Reception (winners announced): Tues 5 June, 11-1.30pm. Jacqueline Hammond’s painting ‘Queen in a Moment of Privacy’ will be open to offers until 30th June.

For more information on the exhibition go to http://www.westoxarts.com/future-exhibitions.html

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