Pebble Head Portrait Paintings – Smart Deco Style
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Pebble Head Portrait Paintings

Using pebbles as heads The Pebble Heads series caricatures people and life in modern British society. As well as living a life of their own, The Pebble Heads get out and about as Jacqueline takes on commissions to paint Pebble Head Portraits for customers, often given as a highly personalised gift. Groups, families, couples, kids even pets can be incorporated into your unique Pebble Head Portrait.

The popular Pebble Heads series depicts people spending a day at the seaside, typically gathered on the sea wall for a group photograph.

Imagine your family or group of friends ‘pebblised’ forever in a work of art to hang above the mantelpiece.

View The Pebble Heads gallery for examples of paintings in the series

MAKES AN IDEAL GIFT – A specially commissioned painting makes an original and truly unique gift for someone you care about or to mark an occasion. Many family or group portraits have been commissioned and given as wedding, birthday, moving in, retirement, christening and Valentine’s presents. .

Prices for a typical seaside background, start from £65 for 2 people on a small canvas, £85 for an A4 size canvas, £105 for A3 size canvas - then it's +£10 per extra person / creature / character. Other background scenes and landscapes such as a view, house or building can be created at an additional cost of £40.

To commission your very own Pebble Head Portrait of yourself, a couple, relatives, grandparents, family group, work mates or a group of friends at the seaside, whatever the scenario here's what to do.

Who? Where? Why? What for? What to include? 

Attach a clear photo/s of the people to be included. Ideally include a group photo, and from the waist up.

Give indication of the difference in heights between people and note down what they look like now, hair colour, style, colour of eyes etc.

It is useful to suggest any prominent characteristics or personality traits, dress sense, hobbies and such like, that help identify the individual and might be incorporated into the scene or influence the painting in some way.

    Example: “I am generally very smiley; Laura is a chatterbox, and Pete is a grumpy old dad!”

    View The Pebble Heads gallery for examples of paintings in the series.

    Jacqueline is regularly commissioned to paint Pebble Heads of all kinds of people including some celebrities. Specialities include babies, hoodies, and grannies and has been known to include dogs, seagulls and cats. More recent commissioned paintings have led her to create unique backgrounds and narratives, which are very specific and individual to the client. Perhaps the most coveted portrait to date was to commemorate The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. The Pebble Heads Royal Wedding was created prior to the day itself; so she had to imagine how the royal family members would famously gather on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.



     “I look for natural markings, chips and contours on the pebbles that can be used to resemble facial, hair and head gear type features. A hole in the pebble becomes a mouth, a chipped area separates the face from the hair and so on. Sometimes I paint on a face, sometimes I need do no more than a dot for an eye.” 


    The Willow Foundation – Work leaving present - August 2014

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you, It arrived earlier today and although we haven’t presented it to her yet I know she will love it.  The likeness to Bob is amazing!

    Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your Stars on Canvas creation!

    Sandy (formerly) from The Willow Foundation

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much I love, love, love my pebble head canvas!  I seriously could not have asked for a better leaving present after my 8 years at Willow!  It’s a one off special and I shall treasure it always – it will take pride of place in my new home!

    I’ve been told by the girls how there was a mad rush on to get it done in time for my presentation yesterday so I just want you to know that it did the trick, arrived in time and has made me really happy!  Thank you for creating such a wonderful keepsake for me from Willow – I just had to let you know!

    Birthday present – Will Smith from Norfolk- July 2014

    I have also attached a picture of our house. As discussed earlier, we live in a very rural countryside area with Pheasants galore and open countryside.

    It would be great if you could come up with a background that matched this with your brilliant pebble artwork. I think my wife will love it for her birthday as a bit different but very personal.

    FEEDBACK - Just had a sneaky peek at the painting and absolutely love it!! Brilliant job, well done.  Also in such a short amount of time. Good luck with your business, I think you'll do brilliantly with such an original idea.

    Emma loved the painting and it now has pride of place in the house.

    ‘I was looking for a really good unique 40th birthday present for my wife when I came across ‘Pebble Head Commission’  It seemed such a fantastic idea and a really personal present that would be enjoyed for many years. All I had to do was give Jacqueline as much info and background to our family and e mail a few photos of everyone including the dog and she did the rest.  I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Emma was overjoyed with it too and it now has pride of place on our kitchen at home where it is admired by all that come to the house.  I would strongly recommend anyone else to commission one.

    40th Birthday gift –Genny from Yorkshire - June 2014

    Just wanted to say how blown away we are by the picture. I was working this weekend so have only opened it this morning. It's brilliant! Samuel was able to say identify everyone and Harewood House and he loved the fact his Rah-Rah t shirt was on. Benji liked the applied lego pieces and most importantly Dave was really pleased with it.

    Bonnie (formerly) of Brighton – house warming gift - 31/07/2012

    I picked up the painting yesterday but kept it a surprise from myself until I gave it to Wil ten mins ago - we had just arrived at our new home, having left Brighton for the last time with the final car load of my stuff.

    Needless to say when he opened the parcel we were both really surprised and really really pleased! Wil had absolutely no idea what I had bought him so was completely blown away!

    Thank you so so so much for doing such an amazing job - the dogs look great and so do the seagulls! I hope you are as pleased with the result as we are.

    Family portrait – Christmas gift - Zoe from Hertfordshire 18/11/2012

    I can't tell you how grateful I am and I'm really excited to see the finished artwork...  (and the look on my other half's face when he opens his present on Christmas morning!)

     Five Family portraits – Christmas gifts - Colette from Brighton, East Sussex - 20/11/2012

    They are so unusual and I'm sure will go down a storm at Christmas. Thanks so much for doing these and on time and with so much thought.

    Family Portrait, Husband Portrait with animals, House Portrait – The Matthews Family, Sussex

    We have purchased two commissions from Jacqueline (with a third in the pipeline) and the process for each has been uncomplicated and straightforward.

    The first, a surprise valentine gift from my husband, had me in stitches!  From the photos my husband had provided,  Jacqueline captured our family characteristics and proportions to a tee set against a beautiful blue Brighton sky. 

    We loved the pebble head picture that much, our second was for some dear friends as a wedding gift!  I don't know how long it took Jacqueline to search the beach for a suitable pebble to match the grooms head shape but she absolutely nailed it!  This picture hangs with pride in the house and everybody who knows this lovely family and has the good fortune to be invited to their home has admired and praised it, for it completely captures their humour and spirit.

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