Glastonbury Festival 2017 - Smartylamps light sculptures in the Theatr – Smart Deco Style
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Glastonbury Festival 2017 - Smartylamps light sculptures in the Theatre and Circus Stage Fields

by Jacqueline Hammond |

It's that time of year. Summer is here and its festival season in the U.K where it all kicks off with the best festival going - Glastonbury! Get your tie-dye on hippies! Smart Deco have just returned from perhaps one of the greatest shows on earth. A lot of work, commitment and creativity goes into the spectacle that is Glastonbury Festival and after over 20 years we always come back for more festival fun, in the blazing hot sun this year! The mass spectacle that is Glastonbury Festival The Other Stage and mass spectacle that is Glastonbury Festival.The mother of all festivals, Glastonbury is probably the UK's biggest success story. The festival scene has thrived in the last couple of decades, enabling a whole economy and platform to grow out of it. It is truly a festival of the performing arts with the very best music, theatre, dance, art and everything you can't possibly imagine in between. As well as the cool brand of festival frolics and fun to be had, the issues raised by the free festival movement that became Glastonbury and the other few hundred festivals going on this summer, are now on the agenda. Everyone wants to be there, it's a festival for everyone. People are waking up and heading up the Green Fields to the Stone Circle.

Festival goers getting into the spirit of Glastonbury 2017 Festival goers getting into the spirit of Glastonbury 2017.People are switching on (the TV at home if they can't get in), tuning in (to the beat - 'is that coming from Arcadia or is it Block 9') passing through Babylon and dropping their organically reared children off at the Kids Field so they can have a dance. Where is Lost Vagueness? Too late, that must be over 10 years ago now. It's Shangri-La now.

Yogurt weavers, tree-huggers, eco-warriors, rainbow warriors, hippies, tramps and theives unite! All the fun of the (un) fairground is here. The word is out and it has spread....

This year may well have seen a member of parliament push to the front of the global stage to represent a version of the collective ethos of the festival communities, in the form of Jeremy Corbyn who holds the work of long-term campaigning groups such as CND and Greenpeace to heart - bloody hippy! But there's still a long way to go before we can live like it's Glastonbury festival all year round!

What was once considered 'alternative culture' the art, music and even political, ethical and 'green' issues have infiltrated to become mainstream, celebrated by the media with their guides to summer's best festivals. Glastonbury tickets sell out in seconds, its become a lottery to get on this page of the summer social calendar. In recent years even high society and royalty can deal with the great unwashed, or get their Jaguar stuck in the mud for the golden ticket to Glastonbury Festival. The state of the crowd at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2017.

The Smart Deco team were ‘out in the field’ making Smartylamps on site, working at Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset creating décor for the main stage tents in the Theatre and Circus Fields. The Theatre and Circus Fields make up a central and essential part of the fun to be had at the legendary festival. With 8 main stage and 4 riser stages with 100s of walkabout performances, ground shows, installations, workshops and more…… Glastonbury-Festival-2017-Smartylamps-Theatre-Circus (259) The circus big style marquees hold performances by leading theatre, cabaret and performing arts acts, and they are huge!  Our Smartylamps lights looked amazing in this huge tent at this year’s Glastonbury FestivalGlastonbury-Festival-2017-Smartylamps-Theatre-Circus (270) Smart Deco at Glastonbury Festival 2017 – The Astrolabe Theatre Tent Glastonbury-Festival-2017-Smartylamps-Theatre-Circus (268) Smartylamps have been lighting up the big circus tent marquees for many years at Glastonbury Festival. We have lots of photos to share of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Stay posted for more... Glastonbury-Festival-2017-Smartylamps-Theatre-Circus (312).JPG "Calling all press, festival production organisers, event managers, promoters and party planners!"S FOR YOUR FESTIVAL, VENUE, PARTY or EVENT

  • Light decor installations to suit all budgets and venues.
  • On site build - we can supply installations for dry hire or purchase
  • Wide range of designs and suitable for both venue decor and as lighting.
  • The combination of lights are easily customised to suit many purposes

"Calling all press, festival production, stage lighting, event organisers, event managers, promoters and party planners!"

21-Glastonbury 2009 031 Smart Deco supply Smarty Lamps as decor for big top tents and marquees- Light Installations in numerous shapes and sizes - Dry hire and purchase options to suit all events, weddings, parties, festivals and venues. The SmartyLamp installations are assembled from flat packed pieces which we recycle and re-use time and time again for festivals, parties and events throughtout the summer season and the rest of the year. Dry hire and purchase options for any size venue, function or event. CONTACT US WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS: Smart Deco  - 01273 271356 or 07977 486603 email

This way they are easily transported and stored to be reused specifically for hire to decorate interiors of marquees and stage venue light installation décor at major events, productions and shows around the world. Therefore the installations can be created on-site in a short timescale, ready to be hung by crew before the event starts.  Main stage or marquee, grand hall or backstage bar. Smartylamps are versatile with numerous ways to use them. Simply stunning and practical as décor they light up the vast roof of the tent. and can be hung in clusters or spread to light the whole space, from the stage to the king pole, hung above the audience, in light string festoons to the exits, entrances to the marquee, filling the roof space, the sides, dining area, dance floor, bar or public area. CONTACT US WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS: Smart Deco  - 01273 271356 or 07977 486603 email Get in touch for more information.

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