Life in Circles – Smart Deco Style
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Life in Circles

Series: Zeros and One

Abstracted flowers – Life in Circles

Bloomsbury group TV series on at the time also a reference/association

Noughts, donuts, oh, hoops, loop, circles, round, lollipops!!!

Preferred first pieces on paper – effect hoops and preferred background – cunt paintings by accident (all in mind) before adding the zeros. – Show pics - Would carry on in this vein…

Began really with Sunflowers at Night – sick of painting sunflower series painted the most contrasted subject on background but inverse of the sunflowers yellow petals with black/brown seed circle – middle of flower (term?) abstract of sunflowers – yellow on inky night blue-black using Prussian blue, a recurring colour – ultraviolet jellyfish groyne favourite darkest tone – inspired by daughter's teacher ‘bible black’ Mission to paint best composition of 4 yellow circles on blue-black

Organic forms easiest, fluid, flow, merge, imagine, change most pleasurable to paint, not exact, angular, mutate, different can be inaccurate not replicate,  more freedom more random variations varieties breeds the feminine the female round circle. 

Patriarchal – line straight solid angular fixed building structure pole power fixed old top higher longer taller bigger stronger out

Sadie Plant Cyberfeminism thinking about these concepts philosophy coming back to me who I was before having children domestic life coincided with split and at time 50 year Cultural Studies department when  returning to texts drawn to them of own accord. A realisation – academic material had in back of head whole time been domesticated. Not by choice but by default. Inequality, anger resentment at gender divide, decline  collapse of masculinity, women/female ‘brain’ computer, networks, technology, rise in ‘power’ opposed to manual, patriarchal, mother father roles. Blah

Also saw paintings by?? at Tate Modern

Middle bit of flower becomes zero becomes eye. In this series the flower as motif is abstracted further don’t even realise I’m doing it instinctive as at time things going on association with has come to symbolise…yuk but do actually represent what going on (in my head…but in real life) difficult issues exciting dangerous unstable stability nuclear family break up the family unit sex love primitive basics gender debate represented on a simplistic personal binary level

Actually in creating – the first, preliminary pieces on paper have the loose style some you win some you loose abstract quality after – the paint on paper works then opaque highlight random loose hit and miss could keep going on loose level, paper

zeros and ones female and male mother and father children family change led by pants redesign self within juxtaposition

OH   Ohs   Oh o’s so hard and 

family organisms dis/organisation

orgasms sex circles cycles loops of life in circles



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