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SELECTED White modern lampshade puzzle pieces in a clear plastic bag, with the Smartylamps brand name and logo visible on the packaging. The image showcases the product's customizable and DIY nature, allowing users to build their own lampshades from the included pieces.

Smarty Lamps Flatpack Kit - make your own lampshade


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Smarty Lamps Flatpack Kit - Make Your Own Lampshade

Unleash your creativity with the Smarty Lamps Flatpack Kit and craft a lampshade that truly reflects your style. This DIY kit is perfect for those who love personalized home decor. Illuminate your space with a unique touch by assembling your own custom lampshade. Let your imagination run wild as you design a piece that lights up your room in more ways than one. Embrace the art of lights with this fun and engaging project. Elevate your home ambiance with a one-of-a-kind lampshade that shines bright in any setting.

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Smarty Lamps Flatpack Kit - make your own lampshade

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