Zeros and Ones series – Smart Deco Style
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Zeros and Ones series

Life in Circles. Relationships, family - relationship dynamics - hearts and flowers. Jumping through hoops. Sexual equality - freedom blue, bronze, circles, sienna, large canvas, equality, distance, yellow, ochre, abstraction, distraction, zeros, circles, hoops, loops, binary, digital code, computation, Ada Lovelace, Sadie Plant, Birmingham, cyberfeminism, Cultural Studies, cyberspace, technology, humanity, space.

Painting style: Graphic - Floral – Spacial - Philosophical - Reactionary - Therapeutic - Experimental - Expressionism - Contained and more contrived practice on a large scale support, due to restricted movement. Smaller scale works on paper, the preliminary pieces, in the series are more fluid and achieve the desired loops.

Colour palette - Blues, greens, aqua, turquoise. Burnt sienna, chocolate brown, yellow ochre colours in the background with streaks of metallic bronze highlights that shine as they catch the light viewed from different angles.

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