Original Painting - 3rd Mini - Back Up – Smart Deco Style
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SELECTED Original Painting - 3rd Mini - Back Up  Smart Deco Homeware Lighting and Art by Jacqueline hammond

Original Painting - 3rd Mini - Back Up


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The Groyne Series


Kids playing with a ball on the sea groynes, the stone walls that line the shoreline of Brighton. A popular collection called ‘The Groyne Series’ that depicts teenagers and kids having fun and hanging out on the stone walled sea groynes along the shoreline of the beach where artist Jacqueline Hammond lives in Brighton. Often submerged, the groynes are revealed as the tide changes; they make ideal platforms for jumping into the sea or ‘tomb stoning’, as it’s referred to in the media.

Stylish, original painting on canvas that's ideal for evoking summery thoughts of days at the seaside with the kids. Would also suit the walls of a sport lover.

Original Painting - 3rd Mini - Back Up

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