Tidal Sunset Series - Flocking In (sold) – Smart Deco Style
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SELECTED Tidal Sunset Series - Flocking In (sold)  Smart Deco Homeware Lighting and Art by Jacqueline hammond

Tidal Sunset Series - Flocking In (sold)


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Stunning seascape painting of Brighton beach at sunset by contemporary painter, Jacqueline Hammond.

This piece depicts the view from the Palace Pier in Brighton, England. At dusk, with the sea at low tide, the sunsets are incredible and an endless source of inspiration for a painter. Known as The Golden Hour,' the light emitted from the sun at this time of day can feel soft and soothing,

One of the paintings in the original Tidal Sunset series, the piece is titled 'Flocking In' and depicts Brighton beach in front the area called Kemptown in this colourful city on the south coast of England.

love this piece, purchase the artwork as a fine art print.

medium:  Acrylic painting on cotton canvas.

dimensions: 70cm x 70cm

artist: Jacqueline Hammond

Tidal Sunset Series - Flocking In (sold)

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