Smartylamp - Flatpack 30 Pieces – Smart Deco Style
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SELECTED Build Your Own - Flatpack 30 Pieces  Smart Deco Homeware Lighting and Art by Jacqueline hammond

Build Your Own - Flatpack 30 Pieces




This is an addictive puzzle with a purpose: by solving it you've made more than a lampshade, it's art!

This flatpack kit contains 30 pieces and an instruction leaflet.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 30 Medium pieces
  • 30 Large pieces
  • 30 Extra Large pieces

This is the basic starter kit containing enough pieces to make up to 15 different shapes including Cosmo - The 30 piece sphere shape.

The instructions include inspirational patterns for assembling all the other lampshades in the Smartylamps ready-made range. If you fancy a change of lampshade, simply take it down and construct another - and save money in these cash-strapped times. 'Top up' with extra pieces to make lampshades as required: Make another one the same, or a bigger one, a longer one, a totally different shaped one, or several smaller ones.

'Once you've made one, you'll want to make them all.'

Size of pieces: To give you an idea of the difference in size between medium, large and extra large pieces here are the dimensions for the completed 30 piece sphere lampshade in the Smartylamps range called Cosmo:  Medium 32cm diameter  Large 45cm diameter Extra Large 50cm diameter

Remember : Use the same sized pieces to make each individual lampshade. You cannot assemble different sized pieces together. Once assembled correctly, the lampshades are designed to hang from the ceiling pendant cable. Please use an energy saving bulb. 

Build Your Own - Flatpack 30 Pieces

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