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SELECTED Elegant white curved lighting fixture on soft background
SELECTED Stylish curved white lampshade suspended from ceiling, decorative glass ornament on white mantelpiece in minimal interior decor
SELECTED Elegant curved lampshade with organic, overlapping petal-like shapes in neutral tones, creating a soft, modern lighting fixture.
SELECTED Curved purple and white decorative lamp shade hanging above a shiny metallic vase on a wooden table

Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade


£35.00 GBP


Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade

Illuminate your space with sophistication using the lampshade of your dreams - the Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade! Designed for Smart Deco Style, this lampshade is more than just a source of light. It's a piece of art that enhances your home interior effortlessly. The unique curves and patterns bring a touch of elegance to any room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Don't settle for ordinary lighting, elevate your decor with the Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade and let your style shine bright! ✨

Add a touch of art to your home with the Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade!

Smarty Lamps present a new range of designer geometric hanging decorations that take on a stunning sculptural look with the use of light. Not just for Christmas; these decorations are great for festive decorating, creating a snowflake effect with these decorative designs in white. 

The use of coloured light shades creates a unique and very stylish effect as an additional piece of statement lighting, making a beautiful interior focal point.
Intertwining, modular shapes are hand-crafted to form a truly sophisticated decorative light.

Curve's design features clean, round overlapping crescent shapes that take on a soft and elegant form.

Hang from the ceilings or archways of your home, reception room, venue or marquee for Christmas parties, Weddings and interior decorating. Group in clusters or hang individually on different lengths of ribbon. Hang from ceiling lighting, intertwine with decorative lights, hang beneath spotlights or use as a light shade (instructions on how do so are included). The possibilities for this decoration are endless!

Also available in an exciting and versatile range of colours that combine to create irresistible eye candy! Coordinate your look with our flexible palette. For ordering custom colour combinations use the options menu in the main product listing for Curve in white.

A unique gift idea for interior design enthusiasts keen on styling an interior with a cool piece of complementary statement lighting.

Smarty Lamps Curve Light Shade

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