Print - The Groyne Series - What a Catch – Smart Deco Style
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SELECTED Print - The Groyne Series - What a Catch  Smart Deco Homeware Lighting and Art by Jacqueline hammond

Print - The Groyne Series - What a Catch


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Print of painting by contemporary British artist Jacqueline Hammond. What a Catch - The Groyne Series

People and children by the beach, at the seaside. Inspired by living on the coast in Brighton, South East England, where the city’s seafront draws gatherings of tourists, visitors, shoppers and locals spend time by the sea and enjoy the view.

Title: What a Catch - The Groyne Series

290 x 290mm giclee print on paper

Original Painting Details:

Medium:  Acrylics on canvas.

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm

Artist: Jacqueline Hammond

The Groyne Series came about from observing the shapes of kids playing and jumping into the sea from the sea groynes. Painted in silhouette with glimmering highlights, these paintings seems to evoke memories of the height of summer for many people and could be anywhere in the world. 

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All Rights Reserved ©Jacqueline Hammond

Print - The Groyne Series - What a Catch

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