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Santa Fe Fields Deckchair by Jacqueline Hammond in The Daily Express

by Jacqueline Hammond |

Santa Fe Fields Deckchair by Jacqueline Hammond in The Daily Express 'Summer's Best' feature

Smart Deco Deckchair in the Daily Express Newspaper / Scottish Daily Press - 25th June 2014

by Jacqueline Hammond |

Summer is best and our deckchair has been featured in the Daily Express Newspaper. Santa Fe Fields Deckchair Based on the hot springs in Grenada, Spain, the simple stand out design of this deckchair will catch any drifting eyes.

Santa Fe Deckchair in July edition of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine

by Jacqueline Hammond |

We are pleased to see the Smart Deco Santa Fe Fields Deckchair featured in an article on the latest picnic and outdoor living accessories in the July 2014 edition of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine.

Country Lane Deckchair in The World of Interiors Magazine - July 2014 Edition

by Jacqueline Hammond |

The deckchair featured in 'On a Summer's Day' an article on the latest design pieces for the garden and outdoor living this summer.

In The Press - House to Home's Festival camping essentials - 10 of the best - features Santa Fe Deckchair

by Jacqueline Hammond |

Deckchair featured in House to Home Festival camping essentials. Perfect for watching the sun set while camping, this British designed deckchair - with its smattering of poppies bursting with colour against a stunning Spanish landscape

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