Painting-Growing China Blue Onions - Blooms on Mellow Yellow – Smart Deco Style
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SELECTED Painting-Growing China Blue Onions - Blooms on Mellow Yellow  Smart Deco Homeware Lighting and Art by Jacqueline hammond

Painting-Growing China Blue Onions - Blooms on Mellow Yellow


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Cheering and emotive in equal measure, this gorgeous, happy, summery themed artwork will add colour and atmosphere to any interior décor scheme.
Painted without any particular reference to an actual flower or plant. It is an invented flower, vegetable inspired by both watching y own garden grow and the blooms were often referred to as onions as they formed. I’m very interested in art+science, artists such as Nina Sellars and work / advances in science such as in the fields of stem cell research, genetic engineering, and genetically modified foods inspired this series. The title finally came to me after reading an article about scientists can now grow human brains, which a drawing of a brain looks much like the organic matter I’m painting here, and onions! It made me put on the song ‘The World is Just a Great Big Onion’ and there we have it! Blue tones and complementary, varying hues of yellow give this piece a bright yet mellow, summery, spring, new growth, hope feel – that’s what I aimed for anyway. An imaginative piece created in tricky times this one. It’s kind of intensely personal. Evoke your own story and see way more detail, particularly with the variation in colours when this piece is seen in the flesh.

There’s an element of poignancy in this work - but there’s also cheer, hope and a sense of new life. Simple decorative prettiness of flowers will look simply perfect in pride of place in any home.
When furnishing an interior the large size canvas makes this piece of art a great way to give a decorative, simplistic yet striking modern touch and splash of colour to brighten any wall, room or space. 

Title: Growing China Blue Onions - Blooms on Mellow Yellow

Series: Blooming Flowers

Cat. No. 411

Medium: Acrylics on canvas

Dimensions: 76 x 76cm

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All Rights Reserved ©Jacqueline Hammond

Painting-Growing China Blue Onions - Blooms on Mellow Yellow

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