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SELECTED Elegant white swirling lampshade with palm leaves in foreground
SELECTED Elegant white and grey lampshade with intricate swirling design, showcasing its unique modern style and craftsmanship.
SELECTED Elegant circular lampshade with intricate swirling patterns, featuring a neutral color scheme in shades of beige and white. The lampshade appears to be made of high-quality materials, creating a modern and stylish design suitable for a variety of contemporary home interior settings.

Smarty Lamps Lisbet Ceiling Lampshade


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Illuminate Your Space with Smarty Lamps Lisbet Ceiling Lampshade

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the lampshade designed to elevate your home decor. The Smarty Lamps Lisbet Ceiling Lampshade exudes a contemporary charm that will captivate your guests. Crafted with precision by Smart Deco Style, this exquisite piece not only illuminates your space but also adds a touch of sophistication. Let the ambient light emitted by this lampshade create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, or any space you desire. Upgrade your interior with this must-have addition and bask in the warm glow it provides.

Smart Deco present a new geometric inspired lighting range that takes on a stunning kaleidoscope of patterns that use light and combinations of colour in the structure of the lampshade to give a nostalgic retro look. .

As a ceiling light shade ‘Lisbet’s boxy, barrel shaped lampshade design weaves a geometric pattern of colour around the predominantly white lampshade. Overlapping patterns formed by curved components and the shadows created take on a soft and elegant form whether the light is on or off.

Need interior lighting ideas for your home? Give a new look and style to any room in your home with our contemporary ceiling lamps.

These boxy, cube-shape funky light shades in white feature a cool, very modern design, and give simple, diffused, ambient light to any room in the home, including your living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.
These ready-made (not flatpack) white pendant lights are made from 25 identical pieces of white recyclable polypropylene plastic. The shade self-grips and hangs from a standard ceiling pendant cable, with no extra light fittings required. 

OPTIONS: Type of Light Fitting

CEILING SHADE - Hangs from the central ceiling rose fitted as standard in most homes. Simply or group in clusters or on different lengths of lighting cable.

TABLE LAMP - The shade itself can be a free-standing table lamp on a shelf, corner or bed side table for a softer low lighting effect in a room. Suits living rooms, bedrooms, halls, most rooms and alcoves in the house, perfect for giving a warm glow to cosy autumn evenings and light to snug winter nights at home.

Makes an original gift idea for style conscious family or friends with an interest in interior design, home decor and product design.

Supplied with instructions for installation. The light shade self-grips on to an existing ceiling pendant cable, there’s no need for extra light fittings.
Alternatively to use the shade as a lamp, we can supply it with a switched cable and lamp holder with plug attachment.

Medium: Height: 28cm Width: 28cm Diameter: 28cm appx
Large: Height; 35cm Width: 35cm Diameter: 35cm appx
Extra Large: Height: 45cm Width: 45cm Diameter: 45cm appx

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Smarty Lamps Lisbet Ceiling Lampshade

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